Superior Woman magazine intends to sell ads to businesses that wish to target the women’s market in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

To open our advertising rate card in our media kit, please click here: Superior Woman Media Kit–2020–Final.  Please note that all rates are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

Why advertise in Superior Woman?

Advertisers will love Superior Woman (our other publications have a very loyal following of advertisers!) and here’s why:

* First and foremost, advertisers will choose Superior Woman magazine because they believe in supporting women in our community. They understand the value of sharing women’s stories and creating our own “Superior Woman’s HerStory” right here within the pages of this publication.

Basically, our advertisers value women and they understand that building a relationship with them is about expressing care and mutual support…just like women build relationships with their best friends…through love and mutual support.

* It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that women make most of the healthcare and financial decisions within the structure of any family, which means they are in charge of spending the majority of the budget within any household. You want to make sure your business is top of mind when they are making their decisions.

* Women like supporting businesses that are supportive of women and women’s causes.

* Outreach to an upscale audience.

* Circulation: Our digital edition will reach more than 5,000 people via email blast, and Facebook boosted posts/ads.

Your business website is linked to your ad in the “flipbook” edition of the digital version of Superior Woman AND your ad is added, once per issue, to the Superior Woman Blog!  Your website will be connected to the online ad so all readers need to do is click and they will be immediately taken to your website or social media page!

Your paid advertisement is placed on the Superior Woman website blog at NO additional cost!  Your website will be connected to the online ad so all readers need to do is click and they will be immediately taken to your site!

Facts About Women and Their Financial Influence:

* Women control more than 60% of all wealth in the United States
(Source: Federal Reserve)

* Women make about 85 percent of household purchasing
decisions, with heavy influence in more than 90% of new home
purchases and more.
(Source: Greenfield Online for Arnold’s Women’s Insight Team and Interpublic Group)

* Women make 90% of the healthcare decisions in a household.
(Source: Yankelovich Monitor)

* Women make most of the shopping/retail decisions in a
household, accounting for more than 61% of all computer and
electronic purchases.
(Source: Consumer Electronics Association)

* Women make 65% of new car purchase decisions.
(Source: Yankelovich Monitor)

* Approximately 40% of U.S. working women now out-earn their
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

* Discounts are available to advertisers who wish to sign a one-year contract.