Welcome to Superior Woman 2.0!

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Soooo…welcome to Superior Woman 2.0: the Digital Magazine Edition!

Two years ago, my husband and I began SuperiorWoman.Net in an effort to see if there was any interest in sharing women’s stories in the Upper Peninsula. Both of us are Yoopers – I’m a Marquette Senior High School graduate, he is a Negaunee High School graduate, and both of us are Northern Michigan University graduates – but we currently live in Port Huron, where, for the past nine years, I have published a regional women’s magazine called Blue Water Woman.

Co-Editors/Publishers Patti Samar and Dale Hemmila

Because my husband is retired (and I am not), and he has a background in media and journalism (among other prolific skills), he became the chief storyteller for Superior Woman. He was making regular trips to the U.P. to visit family and friends, so he scheduled interviews with interesting women, mostly in the Marquette area.

Once he returned home and wrote the stories, he handed them over to me and I planted them on the SuperiorWoman.Net website as a part of the blog. Over the course of the past two years of doing that, we have watched the number of subscribers to the blog grow, as well as the stats related to how many people were clicking and reading the stories.

Yoopers, it seemed, wanted to read more stories about the incredible women living in the U.P. And why wouldn’t they?

Creation of an online magazine…
Therefore, we are excited about taking SuperiorWoman.Net to the next level, moving the stories beyond just a simple blog post. We have created a full-fledged digital magazine, complete with a flipbook that allows readers to turn the pages and click on embedded links within the stories and advertisements.

Speaking of advertisements…
In this issue, you will find advertisements for tee shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, wine tumblers, beer steins, face masks (oh so 2020!) and other items designed by, well, me, as a part of my business, Blue Water Publishing. All of these items can be purchased by visiting www.43DegreesNorthGifts.com.

As a bonus: My online shop donates 10 percent of profits to five Michigan nonprofits, including the Marquette Women’s Center and U.P.A.W.S. of Marquette County.

Does your business need to reach the women’s market?
In this issue, we invite businesses in Superiorland that wish to reach the women’s market to join us on this Superior Journey. If it makes sense for your business to reach our target market of women, aged 35 to 65+, in the heart of Superiorland, then please contact one of us, below, for more information about advertising in a future issue. You can also find advertising information on our website at www.SuperiorWoman.Net.

About this issue…
My husband last visited the U.P. in February before the COVID 19 pandemic hit. He interviewed four women and we posted one story on the blog before the pandemic, and then we decided to hold onto the other stories until the world felt more stable. The end result was the decision to create this digital magazine. We’ve included two additional stories that were placed on our blog in the past year.

All told, there are seven Superior Women featured in this issue, and we are already planning the Fall issue. I am so excited about some of the names I am seeing on Dale’s “potential story ideas” list. We are also very open to accepting recommendations for stories, so please do not hesitate to email either one of us if you know a Superior Woman with a compelling story who would be willing to share her story with our readers.

Most of all, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this publication. Your support means more to us than you can ever know.

We look forward to spending even more time in the U.P. in the coming year as we ramp up our storytelling adventures and meet even more spectacularly special and Superior Women.


Patti Samar and Dale Hemmila
Superior Woman


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