Giving Birth in the Most Superior Way

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Omg…I feel like I’ve just given birth.

My body is physically sore from sitting long hours at my desk.

My mind is still spinning…how have we pulled this off, my husband and me?

Today I am so proud to introduce to you our latest online publication adventure: Superior Woman, or more formally, www.SuperiorWoman.Net.

(Please note the .Net…)

When I founded my Port Huron-based print publication, Blue Water Woman magazine, in 2011, our good friend Amy Clickner, president and CEO of the Lake Superior Community Partnership, asked me if I would consider starting a similar publication in Marquette County.

Though I am a Yooper, I have lived in Port Huron since 1992. At the time I established my Port Huron-based publication, I made frequent trips to the Upper Peninsula in order to visit my then-soon-to-be husband, Dale Hemmila, I just couldn’t figure out the logistics of selling ads, writing stories, printing magazines, and then delivering them all over Marquette County — all while based 500 miles away.

Amy wanted it so badly, though, she sat with us one night while we brainstormed, pondering if it could ever happen, and we dreamed up the name: Superior Woman.

And so, seven years later, here it is.

We decided, though, instead of a print publication, we’d do an online version. We also decided, “Who needs advertising? We’ll create our own source of revenue to support this online venture!” (You will soon see that on the website…but we are soooo happy we didn’t have to go out and sell ads!)

And, finally, the ace in the hole, the feather in my cap, my secret weapon: My husband, the Great Dale Hemmila, who is now retired. With his background in media and journalism, he is able to dedicate the time necessary to pursuing story subjects, writing about them, and photographing them.

He’s done an AWESOME job and I’m so very proud of him!

But this is definitely a partnership. He writes and photographs, and I edit the stories, Photoshop the pictures and put the whole internet piece together (I also own a Port Huron-based advertising agency).

And it wasn’t easy, learning how to work together, as husband and wife.

There might have been yelling. There might have been curse words muttered under someone’s breath.

But: Dale forgives me.  😉

Now that we’ve successfully knocked off the first four stories here, I think we’ve got a system that works.

Again: I am so proud of him. He took the ball and he rolled with it, and he accepted my gentle (and not so gentle) editing and prodding, and he learned how to write stories about women that women would actually enjoy reading.

And I hope a few men make their way to these pages, as well.

So: Please read. Please enjoy. Please share on your social media pages.

We are so honored that Carol Fulsher, Stephanie Jones, Jayne Letts and Nheena Weyer Ittner all volunteered to be our Superior Woman guinea pigs and allowed us to share their stories with you.

Patti Samar

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